NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd’s humble beginnings began in 2014 with a group of professionals from various backgrounds and experiences. We come together as a team with a common goal and commitment to offer natural goodness beauty and wellness products to give consumers an alternative, natural, and environmentally friendly products.

We have partnered with the Malaysia Cocoa Board (MCB) for research and studies on our major active ingredient, which is a cocoa compound called polyphenol cocoa (tannin), to guarantee that our goods meet the highest standards and that state-of- the-art facilities are used for manufacture . Polyphenol cocoa (tannin) inhibits the growth of the main bacteria in our oral cavity and also remineralizes the teeth.

Collaborators & Supporters

Thank you for the support!

Our collaboration seeks to achieve our products highly effective for the oral care industry by providing our consumers the best value for money. We are grateful for the support of government and GLC agencies that trust in our brand.


To bring a smile and satisfaction to our consumers.


To become a multinational player in FMCG natural-based industries

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