In order to ensure that our products meet utmost quality standards and state of the art facilities are used for production, we have collaborated with Malaysia Cocoa Board (MCB). MCB is a statutory body mandated by the legislature to conduct research and development on cocoa-based products as well as work for the growth of cocoa planting and upscaling in the country. Our collaboration is aimed towards making MISMIS toothpaste highly effective for oral protection and provide the best value to our consumers.

We aim to introduce products that rely lesser and lesser on artificial ingredients, bringing the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients to our consumers. We implement either means of processing our products, manual and technical, both of which propose premium quality maintenance. With a well-established alliance with Malaysian Cocoa Board, our hand-picked cocoa beans are efficiently processed in order to produce the maximum yield of polyphenol cocoa tannin. This polyphenol cocoa, tannin is the main ingredient in our MISMIS toothpaste that not only gives a refreshing effect but also works against all tooth-attacks commonly complained.

We understand the importance of entrepreneurial excellence and the significance of human resource development, therefore, we are also in collaboration with Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) for entrepreneurial training support. MTDC specialises in nurturing and incubation of homegrown technologies and our strong partnership ensures a sound enterprise for our consumers to rely upon.

Our corporate strategy is to introduce more and more natural products in the market and increase consumer awareness about the wonders of herbal ingredients. And our partnership with above-mentioned bodies is the cornerstone of our commitment to enhancing our consumers’ experience.

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