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Color-Coded Toothpaste Reveals How Toxic It Can Be To Your Health

The myth about toothpaste

The famous saying says that curiosity kills the cat. Yet, curiosity is something very synonymous with the human nature. We should not avoid curiosity as it does not always lead to negativity. Throughout the history, curiosity has uncovered an abundance of life-enhancing discoveries, such as Newton’s law of gravity, Edison’s magnificent discovery of light bulbs and the Wright’s brothers laborious work in inventing, building and also flying the first ever aeroplane which has become one of the important means of transportation in the world. 

Having said that, at times curiosity does negatively affect someone at a personal or larger scale. Many major companies or established brands have faced conspiracy and unsettling rumors about their products, which most of the time revealed to be baseless and lacks truth in the statement.

Many people, for example, believe the myth about the color code printed on the end of a toothpaste tube. During brushing your teeth, there is a printed color on the end of toothpaste tube. These colors are green, blue, red, and black. According to the rumors on the Internet, each of these colors indicates the specific content that is present in the toothpaste we use daily. According to myth, each of these colors represents the number and level of chemicals contained within the toothpaste! 

Here is the list:

Green = 100% natural toothpaste.

Blue = natural ingredients mixed with medicine

Red = natural mixed with some chemicals

Black = 100% chemical

Speculations are running rampant on the Internet and despite there is no hard evidence supporting the claims. People are actually buying this sort of stories.

Following further investigation, these rumors that caused consumer panic were revealed to be a hoax!. This color code is used during manufacturing. Color marks, printed marks, and eye marks are all names for color codes. These marks facilitate the manufacturing and boxing of these products. The machines read these color marks as an indication. It is where exactly to cut or to box the product without damaging it. In conclusion, the story that is spreading throughout the internet is nothing but a false alarm.

In general, there is no relationship between the number of chemicals in toothpaste and the color code printed on the toothpaste tube. This is merely a speculative rumour spreading on the internet. If you’re looking for a new toothpaste to give your oral hygiene an extra boost of protection, try MISMIS. By the way, we do have a black mark on our tube, but this is due to the tube factory’s preference for an easy eye mark. Come on, guys! we have a green mark as well. LOL


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