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Ubat Gigi Premium Semulajadi Koko Pudina Mismis®

Brushing with Mismis Cocoa Mint Premium Natural Toothpaste on a regular basis provides excellent oral health benefits due to its specially selected plant ingredients and the powerful properties of cocoa extracts. 💯 Vegan, Certified Halal, Registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia, GMP Factory and supported by Cocoa Board Malaysia.


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MISMIS® Cocoa Mint Premium Toothpaste is a revolutionary breakthrough in dental care.

With its select plant ingredients and the powerful properties of cocoa extracts, regular brushing with Mismis® Premium Toothpaste gives you excellent oral benefits:

  • Our active ingredient, a polyphenol from cocoa, acts as a natural antibacterial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay.
  • Cocoa butter, rich in vitamin E, further enhances antibacterial action in our oral cavity.
  • The selected food grade ingredients provide a toothpaste that is paraben free, fluoride free and SLES free.
  • The authentic aroma of cocoa mint enhances the satisfaction brushing your teeth; keeping your mouth fresh and clean all day long

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