28 Aug

Today, almost everybody aims to look good and aesthetically pleasing. People are spending more each day just to keep up with the latest trends, following those who are famous. One of their pursuits of beauty is the perfect, pearly white teeth. In America, an average working person usually spends around 100 thousand dollars a year for his or her dental health and check-ups, showing that he or she is keen on keeping good looking teeth and willing to pay for it. In this article, we provide you with a cheaper alternative than going to the dentist, to obtain the white sparkly teeth that everyone is talking about and all it takes is just a few fruits!


Have you ever heard the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctors away”? Well, according to research, this is proven to have grains of truth in it! By just chewing an apple, it helps scrub your teeth. In addition, apples also contain malic acid that is present in some of the toothpaste available in the market. Malic acid helps increase the production of saliva that helps clean and remove stains from the teeth.


We bet this is unexpected fruit on the list! Due to the extra sweetness in this small but flavorful fruit, no wonder no one expects that this fruit is enlisted as teeth whitening agent. Research has shown that by combining bran cereals with raisins, it fosters better and faster cleaning process of the mouth. In addition, chewing raisins helps stimulate the saliva production, which then helps prevent the development of plaques, stains, and cavities by neutralizing the acidic environment created by other food and bacteria in your mouth. In a nutshell, raisins are more than just brain food, it is also food for whitening teeth!


Yes, surprisingly this is one of the most popular fruits that can whiten teeth naturally! Contrary to its nature that can stain your shirt, they do not have the same effect on your teeth. Like apple, strawberries also have malic acid. In addition to malic acid, strawberries are loaded with the goodness of ellagitannins, the antioxidants that can help reduce stain-attracting bacteria and cure inflammation in your mouth. On top of it, strawberries are also packed with a lot of vitamin C that helps prevent gum inflammation and periodontal diseases.

Pineapples and oranges.

These sweet and pungent fruits also offer natural aid for teeth whitening. Eating these delicious fruits may trigger more saliva production, which then acts as a natural mouth washer that cleans the teeth naturally. Pineapple is the only fruit that contains natural bromelain, an anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent. A study has also proved that bromelain is an effective substance in stain-removing toothpaste. As for lemons, keep in mind to be extra careful when using them on your teeth, as the excessive acid can lead to tooth decay.

Frankly, besides what we have listed above there are many more of natural resources that can help you achieve healthy and good-looking teeth. These natural wonders may not be able to give the fast result as the visit to a dentist but surely, they are more cost effective and an alternative to long term teeth whitening. For an added protection for your teeth against cavity and plaques, you can try our MISMIS Extra Cool Mint Natural toothpaste that will give you a fresh minty breath and our MISMIS toothbrush for extra comfort and thorough cleaning.

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