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MISMIS® Backed by Clinical In-Vitro

MISMIS Backed by Clinical In-Vitro

Your smile is your signature. It’s the first thing people notice about you, and it leaves a lasting impression. That’s why taking care of your oral health is not just a necessity; it’s an art. And when it comes to the art of oral care, MISMIS® is the name that stands out. With the invaluable […]

MIHAS 2023: A Successful Story

MISMIS participated in MIHAS 2023 in MITEC

NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd participated in MIHAS 2023 last week, a prestigious event that took place from the 12th to the 15th of September 2023. The excitement began even before the main event, with a one-day INSP (International Networking and Sourcing Program) on the 11th of September, organized by MATRADE. This program gathered importers from […]

Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia 2023 di Lotus Cheras

Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia 2023 telah menjadi platform yang menarik perhatian ramai pengguna Malaysia. Ia dapat  mengukuhkan dan menghargai produk tempatan. Produk menjagaan gigi MISMIS® juga turut menyertai 3 hari kempen ini . Acara ini berlangsung di Lotus, Cheras. Dengan adanya acara ini, ia dapat mendorong pertumbuhan produk tempatan dan memberi  mendedahan jenama kepada pengguna. […]

Tips: The Healthiest Oral Care Routine

The Healthiest Oral Care Routine

A healthy oral cavity is the most important part of wellbeing. Keeping good dental hygiene can stop cavities, gum disease, halitosis, and many other conditions. Here are some ideas tips to healthiest oral care routine. Proper Brushing Ensure to brush at least twice a day by using soft-bristled toothbrush. While brushing, hold at 45-degree angle […]

Mismis: The Best Natural Toothpaste in Malaysia

mismis toothpaste

In the realm of oral care, natural toothpaste has gained immense popularity among health-conscious individuals. In Malaysia, one brand that stands out for its commitment to natural ingredients and effective oral care is MISMIS®. Let us explore MISMIS® Oral Care and highlights why it is considered the best natural toothpaste in Malaysia. MISMIS® Oral Care […]

The Best Choice Natural Toothpaste For Kids

the best natural toothpaste for kids

As a parent, you must ensure that your child practices appropriate dental hygiene habits for the benefit of their overall health and well-being. When it comes to the best choice natural toothpaste for kids, Mismis Just For Kids stands out as the top priority. Toothpaste that safe for kids Children’s oral care requires special consideration […]

Fluoride Vs Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Fluoride vs Fluoride free Toothpaste

The Great Debate: Fluoride vs. Fluoride Free Toothpaste Oral health is an important facet of general well-being, and brushing our teeth is an important part of our daily routine. However, with so many toothpaste options on the market. One of the most popular controversies among dental experts and customers alike is whether to use fluoride […]

Gigi berlubang punca mulut berbau

Gigi berlubang punca bau mulut

Selalu kita mendengar orang tua berkata, ‘tulah makan coklat banyak lagi, kan dah berlubang gigi.’ Itu adalah salah satu juga jika gigi tidak diberus dengan sempurna dan menyebabkan pembiakan bakteria dicelah-celah gigi. Tetapi yang lebih tertekan apabila gigi berlubang tersebut menjadi punca mulut berbau. Bagaimana gigi berlubang terbentuk? Plak gigi adalah lapisan biofilm yang lembut […]

How to eliminate bad breath from stomach

how to eliminate bad breath from the stomach

Poor oral hygiene, certain foods, and underlying health conditions can all contribute to bad breath, also known as halitosis. However, many people are unaware that bad breath can also be caused by digestive system problems, specifically stomach problems. When the stomach does not function properly, bacteria and gas accumulate, resulting in unpleasant odor in the […]

Cara Mengatasi Bau Mulut Semasa Berpuasa

Cara Mengatasi Bau Mulut Semasa Berpuasa

Berpuasa adalah salah satu amalan penting didalam agama Islam. Semasa berpuasa, seseorang dilarang makan dan minum dari fajar hingga maghrib. Oleh kerana itu, berpuasa akan menyebabkan mulut menjadi kering dan bau mulut semakin ketara. Untuk mengatasi masalah ini, berikut adalah beberapa cara mengatasi bau mulut semasa berpuasa yang dapat dilakukan untuk menjaga kesegarannya. Menjaga Kebersihan […]