Triple Action Tootbrush

MISMIS Adult Toothbrush is the newest family member of MISMIS dental care product range. Our collection offers range of toothbrush such as Soft and Medium Soft Triple Action with firm and soft grip handle. We also made them available in appealing colors such as green, pink, purple and blue to suit your personality.  Our toothbrush is made from high quality nylon and never tested on animal. It is safe for you to brush your teeth anywhere, anytime. MISMIS Adult Toothbrush is also available in medium soft bristles with triple actions where it protects your gums from injury, provides comfort as well as eliminates bacteria and plaques. In addition, MISMIS Adult Toothbrush is also designed with special features such as:

  • Compact surface for effective and thorough cleansing.
  • Elastic neck that is flexible to absorb excessive pressure while brushing to protect your gums from injury.
  • Soft bristles with multiple bristle lengths to reach in between teeth and gently massage the gums.
  • Comfortable rubber handles for optimum grip and comfort while brushing.

Here at MISMIS we strive to give the best and want nothing but satisfaction from our customers. Hence, we would like to share with you few tips and tricks on how you can use MISMIS Adult Toothbrush effectively to combat plaques and bacteria in maintaining your oral hygiene:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  2. Floss regularly to ensure optimum cleanliness throughout the day.
  3. For a better result, we recommend using MISMIS Adult Toothbrush with our very own MISMIS Extra Cool Mint Natural Toothpaste to maintain oral health and hygiene.

We will be introducing our new upcoming kid’s toothbrush with exclusive characters so kids will enjoy brushing their teeth even more. So, stay update with us :).

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