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Modern meets Traditional: Who Cleans Better?

Since day one the first organism appeared on the planet earth, evolution has never stopped. From the humble beginning of the simplest microorganism, through evolution it has morphed into a more complex living organism that roams the world, according to the famous Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. This evolution has helped organisms to adapt with constantly changing world, all to not just survive but to live up to current challenges. By any means, we also continue to push ourselves to the limit by achieving more extraordinary scientific discoveries and achievements.

Now, some humans are helping in the evolution of daily necessities as simple as the tool we use to maintain our oral health – toothbrush. We surely tried many ways to clean our teeth, from chewing a small piece of wood to rubbing grounded leaves onto the teeth surface to prevent cavity, we now have invented better tools made of silicon and plastics. Again, from the plain basic plastic or silicon stick and brush, we further improve it to battery operated. This somehow left us with a question – which one cleans better? The traditionally operated or the modern battery operated? To help you decide, allow us to present to you the pros and cons of both sides:

Traditional (manual) toothbrush


You have more control on your brushing
Very affordable thus periodic replacement is a breeze
Lesser health hazard due to no electrical usage
Compact and does not require extra space for storage
High mobility as no electricity required


Rely on proper brushing skills for optimum effectiveness
Challenging for those who suffer poor motor coordination, arthritis, or anything similar
Less appealing to children to brush their teeth

Electric toothbrush


Better brushing and thorough cleaning with 6,000 and 30,000 strokes per minute
Offers time effective brushing routine
Ease of use for those suffering poor motor coordination
More enticing than manual toothbrush
More appealing to children thus makes brushing more enjoyable

The cheapest still cost more than manual toothbrushes
The head still needs periodic replacement
The bulky electrical housing needs proper storage space
Charging could be a challenge due to non-compatible charging stations
The vibrating sensation could be a discomfort especially for those who suffer sensitive gums, loose teeth or other dental sensitivity.
In the end, whatever the choice is, the final decision lies within your hands. What is it that you truly need when brushing your teeth and how does your health condition affect your brushing experience? The decision is yours and on our side, MISMIS are well prepared to meet your demands as we offer both manual toothbrush and MISMIS very own electric toothbrush. Visit our website for more information on these products and pick the best for your oral health care!


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